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Online and off-campus support for teaching staff: Open Educational Resources (OERs)

This guide provides links to online resources to support the development of teaching and learning resources off-campus.

Some of our popular library guides

Library guides provide information and links to support curriculum areas and academic skills.  The guides also provide links to external sources including videos, eresources and sources of credible information. 

The suite of library guides are accessible from the Melbourne Polytechnic library page or by clicking here.  

Some of the most popular library guides are:

Open education resources (OERs)

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are FREE resources that can be used by students and teachers. An open textbook is a textbook with an open copyright license that allows the material to be freely accessed, shared and adapted. Open textbooks can be adapted, remixed or customised to maximise instructional content to meet your own learning objectives. 

The Library has a guide for teachers explaining how to locate, adapt and share OERs.  Click here to access the OER Library guide. Also check out the Library guide on Open (free) textbooks.

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Need help finding relevant e-resources?

Contact your Liaison Librarian by emailing 


 Deans_Icons 2016, Envelope, Pixabay, viewed 28th March 2020, .  Copied and communicated under Pixabay licence CC0