Open (Free) Textbooks: Open Textbooks: Intro

Information and instruction for MP lecturers/teachers about locating, evaluating, and adapting or adopting free textbooks for their subjects, courses or students

OER vs Open Textbooks

Open Education Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials, freely available for anyone to use, under licences that permit free access, use, adaptation, and sharing. 
Open Textbooks comprise just one of the many different types of OER.  

CC Licence

A Review of Open Textbooks ...

About the Open Textbook Library Guide

This Open Textbook Library Guide aims to:

  • provide a succinct, accurate, and easy to navigate summary of the most important aspects of Open Textbooks
  • present to teachers and lecturers a carefully reviewed set of resources, drawn from the large volume of Open Textbook materials that is currently available online
  • facilitate the processes of locating, licensing, adopting, adapting, and attributing Open Textbooks  

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