Open (Free) Textbooks: Additional Info

Information and instruction for MP lecturers/teachers about locating, evaluating, and adapting or adopting free textbooks for their subjects, courses or students

Rebus Community resources

This series of videos, called "Office Hours" comes from the Rebus Community: an organisation that is dedicated to supporting a model of publishing that is collaborative, efficient, and open.  The videos offer many useful tips for those interested in Open Textbook development.  There are numerous videos in the series, including these titles (plus many more):

Starting an Open Textbook project
Defining textbook structure and elements
Barriers to Open Textbook adoption
Tracking Open Textbook adaptations and adoptions
Open Textbook Adaptation
Beta testing Open Textbooks
Keeping Open Textbooks up to date
Accessibility in Open Textbooks
Peer review for Open Textbooks

Distributing Open Textbooks to Students

Open textbooks are convenient and accessible because they are available in many electronic formats and can be printed inexpensively.

Generally, there are three ways to distribute Open Textbooks to students:

1.  Read online — bookmark the URL and read it in your browser. 
2.  Download the PDF, DOC, ePub, or Mobi and read it on your phone, tablet, or ereader.
3.  Purchase a bound and covered print copy of the text through a printer of your choosing.

The originator of this information and image ("Open Textbook formats") is OpenEd Manitoba.  The work is licensed under a CC-BY (Attribution) 4.0 International License