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Workplace Etiquette: Shared Spaces

This guide will help you to understand and thrive in the workplace

Work spaces

Very few people work alone. It's vital that you know how to get along with your co-workers by sharing the work space in a respectful, mindful and responsible way.

Group of people or crowd

Illustration sourced: Clicker-Free-Vector-Images 2014, People Group Crowd Team Isolated, Pixabay, viewed 01 October 2018. Copied and communicated under Pixabay License.

Tips to survive open work spaces

What could you do to feel more comfortable? Do you need to face opposite the flow of traffic to minimise visual distraction? Or does having you computer open to passers-by make you feel comprised? Consider using furniture in a way that can create boundaries.

Remember to take breaks to reset. Try stretching every so often, or perhaps a walking meeting. It's also a good idea to take your lunch break away from the office/workspace.

Find out about breakaway spaces, conference rooms and use these when you need to have longer conversations or need a quiet space to concentrate. This is particularly important when you work in an open or shared space.

Talk to your colleagues about ways to make the space work for everybody. It's important to try this before escalating matters to your supervisor.

Sharing work spaces

Infographic. When sharing a work space, remember to: (1) Be neat. Keep your own space tidy and the shared spaces too. (2) Be mindful. Use headphones if you are playing videos or music. Are your phone calls disruptive? If it is a sensitive phone call, consider taking it in private. (3) Be respectful. Check which areas and facilities you’re allowed to use. Don’t barge into other people’s offices, knock before you enter. (4) Be responsible. Find out where to store your personal belongings. Smells can be disruptive too! Using the communal microwave to heat up leftover seafood for lunch, may take over the lunchroom. Overall, be considerate of other people’s space!

All Illustration sourced: Pixabay, Cluttered ; Door ; File Cabinet;  Headphones ; Refrigerator ; Risk ; Telephone ; Fish, viewed 01 October 2018. Copied and communicated under Pixabay License.