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VCE VM: Moving out

Information and resources for VCE Vocational Major students


If you are moving out of home for the first time or moving to a new place, here are some resources to help you manage your money, understand your rights as a tenant, and get some advice for moving out.

Managing your money

Youth Central Financial Help


Advice, tools, and resources for managing your money


Services Australia - How to budget

How to budget, deal with debt, and build savings


Consumer Affairs Victoria Housing

Advice for how to move out, a rent calculator, and help for understanding different rental agreements

Consumer Affairs Victoria Renters Guide

Short summary of common issues renters face, what steps to take, and your rights as a renter

Housing Victoria - Private Rental

How to apply for a rental and what you will need, financial assistance, how to find places to rent, and what to do before you move in. If you need crisis or social housing, this resource also helps with that.

Tenants Victoria

Organisation that works to promote and protect the rights of renters in Victoria. They provide advice for dealing with common problems, handling issues with your landlord, and starting your tenancy

Youth Central - Housing

Cooking for yourself

Kanopy has a lot of great videos about learning to cook for yourself including the one below. You can also go and search or browse Kanopy for videos yourself from the guide below.

Video Streaming Kanopy - Access