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VCE VM: Welcome

Information and resources for VCE Vocational Major students


Welcome to the Melbourne Polytechnic Library guide for VCE Vocational Major students. Here you can find useful resources from the library and outside of it to help you.

Useful Library Links

Web resources

The internet has a lot of useful resources to help you understand your topic and research effectively. Here are some of them:


Ergo is an initiative of the State Library of Victoria. It has lots of step-by-step guides for researching and writing assignments.


Skills You Need is a website that provides information and resources to help you develop skills in a lot of areas, including learning, writing, and mathematics.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provide free courses and resources for learning math, science, and humanities subjects. They offer resources at different levels, so you can easily pick which level suits you. Simply search for a topic like 'percentages' or 'fractions' and you will see what they have available.

BBC SkillsWise

Contains video lessons and printable fact sheets for literacy and numeracy skills.

Dr Karl podcast

A podcast where Dr Karl answers all kinds of science questions from listeners.


If you prefer learning through videos, YouTube can be a great place to start. It is particular good for finding 'how-to' guides.

Below are some channels that might be useful for you:


Crash Course is a channel that holds of videos on all topics. The link above will take you to their playlist section, where videos on the same topic are held together.

Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo is a secondary school math teacher in Australia who uploads videos of math lessons to his YouTube channel. The Melbourne Polytechnic Library also holds copies of his books.

Library resources - nonfiction

Library resources - fiction

Library resources - graphic novels & comics