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Referencing Fundamentals: Test Yourself

Test Your Referencing Skills

Use the ERNI Referencing Tool, together with the examples on this page, to practice your citing and referencing skills.

Take the Test


What do you make of this publication?
Is it a journal article, a webpage, a book?
Using the ERNI Referencing Tool, identify the publication type, then try to accurately reference it.

Sources used in this guide

Style manual for authors, editors and printers 2002, 6th edn, John Wiley, Milton, QLD.

Take the Test

What is this, do you think?  Two pages from a website, a journal article, a book, or something else?
Use the details on the pages as clues for identifying the publication type.
Then, venture into the ERNI Referencing Tool and locate the details you'll need to create an accurate reference for this publication.


Take the Test

How would you reference this?
Look carefully at the publication.  Do you see any details that specifically point to the type of publication this might be?
Once you've identified the publication type, check the ERNI Referencing Tool for the specifics of how to cite and reference it.