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Assessment Tasks: Poster Presentations

Tips for tackling a variety of assessment tasks.

Research poster design: basic tips

Useful: creating poster presentations

How to create a research poster
with good advice from NYU

University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
providing useful poster-creation tips and instructions


The ins and outs of poster presentations

A poster presentation is: 

Illustration adapted from Colorado State University  2018, Writing Guides: About the Writing@CSU Guides, viewed 10 August 2020.  (Copied and communicated with permission.) 


Poster presentations: what makes a good one?

Follow these tips for creating a good poster presentation:

  • Investigate your audience:  shape your content for the audience
  • Aim for a visually pleasing poster 
  • Layout and format are important
  • Communicate your message quickly and efficiently to attract the passing audience
  • Prioritise your content:  choose the most relevant information to present
  • Strike a balance between too much, and too little information
  • Use graphics where possible; and avoid excessive text
  • Graphics should be self-explanatory: little text required
  • Always acknowledge your sources

Content adapted from Colorado State University  2018, Writing Guides: About the Writing@CSU Guides, viewed 18 March 2018. 
(Copied and communicated 
with permission.) 


Poster gallery

Academic Research Poster Design Blog

Use the Poster Gallery Tab:  browse the images for inspiration, and ideas on structure and layout