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Assessment Tasks: Annotated Bibliographies

Tips for tackling a variety of assessment tasks.

What is an annotated bibliography?



an alphabetical list of the sources you have used to research and write your assignment, together with a summary and evaluation of each of the sources.


Examples: Annotated bibliographies

View an example of what an entry in an Annotated Bibliography looks like.

Sample entry


Additional resources

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(This LibGuides material:  last viewed and checked in August 2020)

The annotated bibliography: what's in it for you?

The annotated bibliography assignment provides you with opportunities for:

Adapted from:  Adams, Paul et al  2006, Score more:  Essential academic skills for tertiary education, Dunmore Press, South Melbourne




  • Include a citation (author, date, title, publisher etc) for each of  your chosen resources
  • Organise the entries in your bibliography into alphabetical order, by author's surname
  • Consult Melbourne Polytechnic's easy reference tool (ERNI) for expert help in creating accurate citations



  • Follow each citation with an annotation
  • The annotation may describe or evaluate the information included in the source, or both

(Adapted from: Adams, Paul et al 2006, Score more: essential academic skills for tertiary education, Dunmore Press, South Melbourne)