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Jewellery: Introduction

A guide to the library and online resources for Jewellery students at Melbourne Polytechnic

Starting research?

First of all, set up your library account. Then:

  • Go to FindIt@
  • Enter your search terms

 You can combine the term jewellery   with other terms, such as:

  • Genre, eg art nouveau
  • Name of designer, eg Lalique
  • Technique, eg basse-taille

 Like this:

 If your Result List is too small, try a   broader term, eg:

 You might also like to try different   spelling combinations, eg:             jewelry enameling


Find books, articles and more from a single search box:


Jewellery terms

New Digital Resources

New digital resources

You requested more online content and we heard you!

Check out these new resources below:

Flipster provides access to full text digital magazines on many subjects including gardening, art, music, photography and more.

Kanopy provides access to streaming videos on subjects relevant to Melbourne Polytechnic courses including education, art, health, humanities and science.

For more information about Flipster or Kanopy click on the links above or ask Library staff for help to access these new online products.