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Flipster: Home

A guide to help you start using Flipster

Introducing Flipster



Flipster is an online magazine viewing platform free for Melbourne Polytechnic students and staff.

Browse the collection of magazines available through the library.

Flipster Latest Issues

Browse the full collection of magazine titles

How can I access Flipster

Using a computer, tablet, or phone

  1. Visit Melbourne Polytechnic library's Flipster magazine collection
  2. You may be prompted to enter your MP username and password
  3. Browse the selection of magazines
  4. You can open and read the full-color magazine in your internet browser
  5. Select All issues from the top right menu to browse more issues of the same magazine
  6. You can also print selected pages


Using the Flipster app

The Flipster app is available through the iTunes store for the iPad and iPhone, and on the Google Play  store for Android tablets.

Use the app to download magazines to read offline. Simply browse and view magazines through the library’s website, and select the “Open in App” option to download magazines to the app.

Flipster Video Tutorials