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Education (Early Years & Primary): LANTITE

This guide will outline some of the resources that will be useful throughout your course and beyond.

Preparing for LANTITE

In preparation for the LANTITE students are advised to practice their Literacy and Numeracy skills as much as possible. Additionally, you can find practice LANTITE tests on the ACER website. It is recommend that you complete these.

Additionally, when you register for the LANTITE you will have access to 3-4 online practice tests that are very similar to the actual LANTITE. It is advisable to complete all of these tests.

Below is a list of websites (some paid, most free) that you can use to practice your Literacy and Numeracy skills:

Literacy Numeracy
IXL English Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Mathematics Enhancement Program
QTS Literacy Skills practice test (UK)
IXL Maths
Mathletics Diagnostic Test Year 6 - National Curriculum
(from 3P Learning - Mathletics National Curriculum Assessment Series - 2011)
Math Planet – Pre-Algebra
Math Test Preparation
National Numeracy Challenge
Prodigy Math Game
LANTITE Resources NAPLAN Resources
Cambridge LANTITE Edge Mathletics, Wordflyers, Naplan preparation – Year 5
Curtin University LANTITE Literacy and Numeracy Resources Mathletics, Wordflyers, Naplan preparation – Year 7
Mathletics, Wordflyers, Naplan preparation – Year 9
General Study 
Study Ladder