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Digital Literacy: What is digital literacy?

A guide to achieving and maintaining skills to thrive in the 21st century

What is digital literacy?

Digital literacy is the ability to identify and use technology confidently, creatively and critically.

Skills and capabilities that demonstrate digital literacy include

  • using technology

  • finding, using and critically evaluating information

  • communicating, collaborating and participating in online environments

  • creating online content

  • managing your online identity


TEDx talk: Doug Belshaw

Why is digital literacy important?

Digital literacy 'incorporates the ability to search and navigate, create, communicate and collaborate, think critically, analyse information, and address safety and wellbeing using a variety of digital technologies. These skills are essential for individuals to participate effectively in today’s society.'


New Digital Resources

New digital resources

You requested more online content and we heard you!

Check out these new resources below:

Flipster provides access to full text digital magazines on many subjects including gardening, art, music, photography and more.

Kanopy provides access to streaming videos on subjects relevant to Melbourne Polytechnic courses including education, art, health, humanities and science.

For more information about Flipster or Kanopy click on the links above or ask Library staff for help to access these new online products.