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Researcher Profiles: Social Media: Twitter

The purpose of this guide: introducing Melbourne Polytechnic researchers to ideas and resources for creating researcher profiles

Twitter for researchers: the possibilities

For researchers, Twitter has a number of uses:

  • As a promotional vehicle:  try posting about publication releases, conference presentations, media appearances
  • As a people-finding tool:  use it to find researchers who share your interests
  • As a communication medium:  exchange points-of-view, hold discussions, and seek advice from like-minded people
  • Apply Twitter hashtags to your posts to make it easier to find others who share your interests
  • Employ the Twitter “retweet” function.  It enables information to be communicated at rapid-speed. Combined with the massive size of the Twitter audience, the potential for raising your visibility is greatly enhanced


Ten simple rules for getting started on Twitter

Read these insights - shared by a group of research scientists - who are also Twitter devotees.  

    Ten simple rules for getting started on Twitter ...

Source:  Cheplygina, G; Hermans, F; Albers, C;  Bielczik, N; & Smeets, Ionica   2020,
"Ten simple rules for getting started on Twitter as a scientist",  
Published February 2020    

Article: "A guide to best Twitter practices for academics"

Curtis, Paula  2021 " A Guide to Best Twitter Practices for Academics (and Everyone Else)"

This useful article focuses on respectful and responsible information-sharing on social media, with a particular emphasis on Twitter.    

The article will provide you with:

  • Guidelines for Twitter engagement
  • Best practice suggestions for Twitter-using academics

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Twitter logo:   free for commercial use - No attribution required

Twitter for beginners - via video

Video instruction for Twitter beginners
(16:30 mins)

Video source

Video tips: Twitter profiles for academics

Curious about the qualities that make a good academic online profile? 
Use these video tips to learn how to draw followers towards your Twitter-based information.

Video source

Getting started with Twitter

Use this guide to help you to unravel the basic features of Twitter, including:

Setting up a Twitter account -
- Tips for gaining a following 
- Twitter terminology - 
- Ideas for tweetable content - 
- Twitter privacy features -

Guide to Twitter lingo

Twitter employs a language of its own.

Use the "Guide to Twitter Lingo"  to define and clarify terms such as "Hat Tip" "Subtweeting" "Mentioning@",  and for clarifying other Twitterisms.