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Researcher Profiles: Google Scholar Profiles

The purpose of this guide: introducing Melbourne Polytechnic researchers to ideas and resources for creating researcher profiles

Google Scholar explained

Google Scholar is a valuable, multi-functional tool for researchers:  providing opportunities for searching the scholarly literature; facilitating the calculation and promotion of various types of research metrics; and enabling researchers to construct comprehensive and interconnected researcher profiles.  

Introducing Google Scholar researcher profiles

Google Scholar enables researchers to construct their own personal profiles, based on information and data derived from the researchers' works that are listed within the Google Scholar database. 

Click on this image (below) to view an example of a Google Scholar profile

University of Melbourne, Professor Sharon Lewin
Director of the Doherty Institute, Melbourne


Image details and licence to copy:  EmzedessAU, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons  
Image Source:

Anatomy of a Google Scholar researcher profile

A Google Scholar researcher profile (such as the Professor Lewin example, above)  can include a variety of facets:

Personal details, including name, email address, qualifications list, and photo of the researcher
Publications list, with links to full-text, citation counts, and publication dates 
Academic status, and organisational affiliations (such as universities, research bodies)
Specific research interests of the profile-holder
List of the researcher's co-authors, including photos, and links to their Google Scholar profiles  
A "Follow" button for notifying readers of items newly published by the researcher   
A table of citations metrics - relating to the researcher's work is also featured   

Begin creating your Google Scholar Profile here:


Google Scholar profiles: how to set up


Adding articles to your profile page

Source:  YouTube

Best practice tips for researcher profiles

-   Ensure that no incorrect articles 
     appear in your profile
-   Upload any publications that are missing           from your list 
-   Use the EDIT button to make your profile           public
-   If information is incomplete, make additions
-   Take care to keep your profile current

Best tips for building a research profile