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Australian Standards i2i: Authorised Use of Standards

Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

Standards access and use by Melbourne Polytechnic students and staff

There are strict rules that govern how standards can be accessed, shared, and copied by Melbourne Polytechnic authorised users. The guidelines below are authorised within the scope of Melbourne Polytechnic (MP)'s SAI Global licence.


Access and use of standards

  • Access is only available to MP authorised users (staff and currently enrolled students)
  • Standards are to be used for educational purposes only
  • Standards are not to be distributed, shared or made available for external use including to employers or contractors
  • Users shall not sell, loan, rent or distribute standards in any format including by email or any other means
  • Hardcopy and digital copies of standards must be removed, destroyed or deleted when the user terminates employment with MP or is no longer a currently enrolled student at MP


Individual identifier on standards

  • Each user must download their own required standards to ensure the standard is watermarked with the user’s name, email address, and the date of printing
  • This information must not be edited or removed from the standard


Downloading and saving digital copies

  • Authorised users may download as many standards and as many times as needed for educational use
  • Standards may be downloaded to a user’s personal device (eg. mobile phone, laptop) for their authorised use
  • Users must have Adobe Reader and FileOpen plugin installed on a device to download a standard
  • Standards may not be transmitted by email
  • Standards are not permitted to be uploaded, or an electronic copy made available, on Moodle
  • Portions of standards (eg. tables, diagrams) may not be copied and used in teaching resources or uploaded to Moodle
  • A standard that has been downloaded to a specific device (eg. phone, laptop) cannot be shared with other devices due to security encrypting with DRM (Digital Rights Management)
  • Standards cannot be downloaded and saved to a USB or shared drive (eg. Dropbox)


Printing standards – individual authorised users

  • Authorised users may download or print multiple standards in one sitting
  • Standards may be printed on copiers in MP libraries
  • Standards cannot be printed at external printer services (eg. Officeworks) due to DRM encryption in downloaded files for Australian standards
  • Standards may be printed on personal printers if the user’s personal device can print directly to the printer

Printing classroom sets of standards

Teachers may make multiple printed copies of standards for use within the classroom, in accordance with Melbourne Polytechnic's licence.

Details on how to request classroom sets, including the cover sheet for printed classroom sets, are available by contacting the Library.

Note: Trade teachers requiring printed classroom sets are to contact the Construction Department Administration Team Leader for further instructions.