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Technology essentials for students: Student Email and Storage

Introduction for new students to help them get started with Tech at Melbourne Polytechnic

Accessing your Student Email

Your email address will be:

s(insert your student ID)

(For example :-

Your o365 password is your Melbourne Polytechnic student password. 

Accessing your Melbourne Polytechnic Email Account


Use this link to access your account login page: o365 Login


Accessing your MP Email Account 

Using your MP email account is important when communicating with staff, because it immediately identifies you as a student at Melbourne Polytechnic. 


What is my email address?

Melbourne Polytechnic uses Microsoft o365 for student email accounts. 

Your email account will be in the format s(insert your student ID number) 
(for example


What password do I use to access my account?

Your o365 password is the same as your Melbourne Polytechnic student password. 

If you have never logged in it is automatically set up with your birth date numbers in reverse (YYYYMMDD). For example if your DOB=19/11/1997 the default password is 19971119.


I'm having difficulties - where do I go for help?

There are several options to access support depending on your preferences:


In Person: Check the Melbourne Polytechnic website for open hours