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Open Education Resources: Evaluating OER's

OERs & How To Evaluate Them

Source: Morehouse, S 2018, OER Bootcamp Video 1-3: OERs and How to Evaluate Them, YouTube, viewed 01 February 2019. Copied and communicated under CC BY 3.0 License.


Characteristics of a Good OER

A good OER is:

  • findable – it can be in multiple locations
  • clearly described
  • clearly licensed (normally through Creative Commons)
  • from a source you trust
  • easy to modify
  • free-standing – it does not assume knowledge of other resources
  • free of copyright content
  • being used by/recommended by people like you
  • imperfect – it just needs to work for you.


Source: The Open University, 2. What makes a good OER? Characteristics of a good OER? OpenLearn,viewed 01 February 2019.  Copied and communicated under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Int.