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Open Education Resources: Creative Commons Licences

CC Basics 1: What is Creative Commons?

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Creative Commons:
"... the non-profit organisation dedicated to making creative works available to the public. To that end, it has released a number of copyright licences to be used by the public"‚Äč
Source:  Open Content:  A Practical Guide to Using Creative Commons Licences  (eBook located in Wikimedia Commons

CC Basics 3: CC Licences Explained

Use this video to gain a quick and robust understanding of CC licences

Video creator:  Process Arts - Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand
Viewed:  22 June, 2023
Source:  YouTube  
Video shared under CC SA Licence 

CC Basics 2: What is the point of Creative Commons licences?

Open Education Resources are, by their nature, "open".
OERs are cost-free and openly-licensed educational materials (that can be used and re-used) for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes.  However, OERs often require that the creator's preferences regarding copying, sharing, and adapting the resource must be observed by the user of their content.  Here's where Creative Commons (CC) comes in.  CC licensing provides an easy-to-use, legal framework through which the right to copy and adapt OER content is clarified for the user, and made available to the user.

Creative Commons licences serve the interests of both the user of the resource, and the creator of the resource.
From the user's perspective:  the CC licence outlines the conditions under which the user may legally use material created by another.
From the creator's perspective:  the CC licence enables creators to communicate the conditions under which they wish their material to be used.

CC Basics 4: Creative Commons Licences: the possible combinations


View the FULL AND ENLARGED version, showing all licence types

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