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Cyber Security: Search Tips

This guide provides links to Australian and international standards and regulations relevant to cyber security.

How to search the library collection

The FindIt search box is found on the library website. This is used to search the library collection for:

  • Books and physical resources
  • eBooks
  • Journal articles

Consider the subject you're researching and begin to brainstorm some keywords. These keywords can then be typed into the search box to bring up a list of results.


Detailed instructions on searching the library collection are in the FindIt library guide.

Boost your Google search

Using Google Advanced Search can help you get straight to the answer you're looking for. 

Evaluate information found online

There are many sources of information online. How do you know if you can trust what you're reading? Its important to be inquisitive and think critically when reading online.

After looking at the website and the information on the page, think critically by asking these questions:

Who created the information?
Are they qualified to write on this topic?
Who is funding the website?
Why was the content created?
What is the purpose of the information?
Was it intended to:
  • inform
  • persuade
  • entertain
  • sell
When was the information created?
Is timeliness relevant to your research? 
Is the information relevant to my research topic?

Who owns the website?

The URL can give you a clue as to who owns the website:

  • .gov = government
  • .edu = education
  • .org = non profit organisation
  • .com = commercial