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Academic Integrity & Turnitin: What is academic integrity?

Turnitin instruction and discussion

What is Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is:

‘The expectation that teachers, students, researchers and all members of the academic community act with: honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility.’ 


(TEQSA 2022, What is academic integrity? Tertiary Education Quality & Standards Agency)


Essentially, academic integrity is about taking responsibility and acting honestly, in the preparation and submission of your academic work.

Academic Integrity at Melbourne Polytechnic

You are here at Melbourne Polytechnic to learn and develop the necessary skills for future success. Acting with Academic integrity will help you be prepared for a fulfilling career.

As a student, you are expected to comply with the Academic Integrity Policy and the Academic Integrity (Students) procedure. These documents have been created to promote a culture of academic integrity in learning, teaching, scholarship and research.

Learn more about Academic Integrity from the Melbourne Polytechnic Academic Integrity website

A lifelong Skill

Academic integrity is critical in the workplace as failure to submit your own original work, (such as when preparing a report or delivering a business presentation) or acknowledging the work or input of others, could affect your professional reputation and credibility.*


*This information has been taken from the Melbourne Polytechnic Academic Integrity website.

  • Submitting your own original work (not work written by someone else)
  • Selecting quality and credible scholarly sources of information when gathering information for your assignments
  • Accurately referencing (citing) all sources of information used in your assignment including text, images, video, and data
  • Adhering to copyright regulations when using information and resources
  • Completing your own exams and tests without cheating
  • Contributing fairly to group assessments
  • Asking for help from Melbourne Polytechnic support services, teachers or lecturers

Engaging in or promoting any of these behaviours undermines academic integrity.


Contract Cheating

Engaging someone else to complete your work and then submitting it as your own. This includes using artificial intelligence tools to generate responses to essay and exam questions.


Unauthorised collaboration between individuals to act together in the preparation or presentation of work.


The use of all or part of work that is not your own without appropriate acknowledgement of the author or source.


File-sharing to give an unfair advantage (e.g. questions and answers, or assignments)

Fabrication/ Falsification

Inventing or altering information to support your assessment needs.


All forms of cheating in examinations and assessment tasks (e.g. copying another person's work or unauthorised use of phones)