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Learning Skills: Prepare for an Exam or Test

Useful guides to help you succeed in your studies.

Why should I prepare for exams?


Exams and tests can be stressful, but a bit of preparation can ease that pressure.

Set aside enough time to properly revise for exams. This will increase your knowledge and understanding of the subject and make you more confident about the exam.

Exam and Test Study Tips


Where do I start?

  • These tips can be applied at every stage of revision.
  • Start revising at the end of each class from the beginning of the semester.
  • Take notes in class to help you remember information. These notes will be the basis for your revision.
  • Review class notes at the end of every day or week.


What should you study?

  • Your teacher may give you an idea of important topics to study for the exam.
  • Use your time wisely. Only study relevant topics.
  • If there is a topic you are confident with, quickly review it and then move on to a topic you are unsure about.
  • Skim through the entire chapter of a text or article to find the relevant sections. Then read these relevant sections in detail.


Get organised

  • Plan to study when you are naturally most alert.
  • Set goals for how long or how many topics you will study during your study session.
  • Take breaks often to prevent fatigue.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep, especially before an exam.
  • Don't wait until the night before an exam to start studying.


Form a study group

  • Study groups can be as small as two people or they can be much larger.
  • You can start a study group or join an existing one.
  • Revising with someone else helps your understanding.
  • Share knowledge with the group, their strengths might be your weaknesses.
  • Quiz each other and keep each other motivated.