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Employment skills and careers: Skills to help you get a job

Provides links to information on job seeking, employment skills and careers.

Workplace etiquette

Workplace etiquette refers to the guidelines that outline the social and behavioural expectations in a workplace. These expectations differ slightly depending on the workplace, but this guide provides general advice that is applicable to most situations.

This includes:

  • Presentation and attitude
  • Personal interactions
  • Email communication
  • Customer service
  • Sharing spaces.

Want to know more?  Check out the Workplace Etiquette guide!

Video - Hints for answering interview questions

Produced by Jobactive, an Australian Government initiative, this video is one in a series of videos called Interview practice. 

Each video runs for approximately 5 minutes and provides practice questions for many jobs including an administration assistant, barista, early childhood worker, plumber and many more.  At the end of each video, there are hints on what responses employers are ideally listening for to determine if the applicant is suited to the job.

Check out some of the videos below, or head to the Interview Practice website to view all the videos.

Administration assistant


Graphic designer

Primary school teacher

Tailoring your resume