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Flipster Instructions

A guide to help you start using Flipster

How can I access Flipster

Viewing Flipster via a computer, tablet, or phone:  

1. Ensure you have a recent Internet browser installed on your computer. Supported browsers are: Google Chrome 33+, FireFox 28+, Safari 5.1+,  and Internet Explorer 8+
2. Visit Melbourne Polytechnic library's Flipster magazine collection.
3. If you are outside a library, enter your MP username and password
4. Select a magazine and view the current issue.
5. The magazine will open and you can read the full-color magazine in your internet browser.
6. Select All issues from the top right menu to browse More issues of the same magazine. 
7. You can print selected pages if you wish. Note that you can't download the full publication file using this method.

Via the Flipster app (iOS and Android):

Use the Flipster app, available through the iTunes store for the iPad and iPhone, and on the Google Play  store for Android tablets, to download magazines for offline reading. Simply browse and view magazines through the Flipster link on your library’s website, and select the “Open in App” option to download magazines to the app, where they can be read and managed offline.

Mobile Device Requirements for the Flipster App

  • iOS 9 and higher for iPad and iPhone
  • Android Phones and Tablets running version 4.2.2 and Higher
  • Kindle Fire OS up to version

Introducing Flipster

Flipster is a digital magazine subscription service that allows libraries to deliver access to magazines and journals via mobile apps anywhere anytime.

Click on the Flipster link to easily access a site where you can browse available magazines. You can then click on a magazine to view it within your browser. This means you can access Flipster from any computer, laptop, or mobile device, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

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