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Auslan: On the Shelf


Find books, articles and more from a single search box:


How to search for & reserve a book

Search box screenshot

  1. At the top of the library homepage is the search box. Select On the shelf to restrict your search to physical copies of books and DVDs.
  2. Type your keywords into the search box. Don't worry if this doesn't bring up the right results the first time. You can always rethink your keywords and try again.
  3. Press Enter or the magnifine glass to begin your search.

The results screen brings up records for all items that contain the initial search keywords.

  1. You can use the options on the left had side to refine the results. This can make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.


By clicking on an item you will bring up more detailed information.

  1. Clicking on the authors name will bring up all items in the collection they have authored. 
  2. The subject section is useful if you are looking for other resources on the same topic. Click on one of the subject headings to bring up all the resources in the library collection with the same subject.
  3. At the bottom you can see information about the holdings. This includes what campus library it is held at, where it sits on the shelf and the loan status. 


Click on the Place Reservation button at the top of the item record.


You will be asked to login using your Borrower ID and password. This password may be different to your other Melbourne Polytechnic passwords. The default is always your date of birth YYYYMMDD. Contact the library if you are having trouble logging in. 


  1. You can Change location select which campus you would like the item to be sent to.
  2. Item to reserve allows you to select from multiple copies held by the library. This would be useful if you would like a copy from a specific campus or one with a longer loan period.
  3. Not required after use this if there is a long wait time for the item and you will not need it after a certain date. 



When the item is ready to collect you will receive an email to your Melbourne Polytechnic student email account. 

Browse the shelves

305.9082 - Deaf culture

362.42 - Deaf experience / services

419 - Auslan dictionaries / linguistics

The Auslan collection is divided between the Prahran and Preston libraries. 

Auslan dictionaries and linguistics

The Deaf Experience

Deaf Culture

DVD Browse

Talking Hands