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Veterinary Nursing Key Mathematical Concepts: Fluid Therapy

Apply key mathematical concepts to successfully complete routine calculations required by veterinary nurses

Handy Formulae

fluid rate formulae

Brown, R 2012, Week 4 BVN111 Mathematical concepts, modified Meg Dietze, Theory notes, NMIT, Melbourne, VIC.

calculation of fluid requirements formula

Lots of Library eBooks to Explore

eBook fluid therapy for vet technicians and nurses  Click on image at left for relevant eBooks.

  Also, see the companion website of eBook pictured at left, for review questions & answers to download.



Help using library eBooks

Powerpoint Slides

Powerpoint slides describing fluid therapy

These slides accompany book + cd-rom Fundamentals of Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians by Janet Amundson
Romich (see Helpful Books box at left).

See slides 13-16 for calculating fluid volumes.

Videos: Fluid Therapy