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EAL at the Library: Living in Australia

A guide to Melbourne


Australia immigration

Current news and articles about immigration in Australia

Discover Melbourne

You will find lots of information on living in Melbourne including housing, transport, education, health plus more

Explore regional Victoria

Here you will find information on lifestyle, jobs, and housing in local areas in regional Victoria.

Looking for work in Melbourne

This government website provides tips on how to find work in Melbourne.

Migration support services

This Australian Red Cross website contains information for asylum seekers, provides advise on finding family members, and emergency relief services

How to migrate to Australia

This Australian Government website provides information on living, studying and touring Australia

Touring Australia

Find resources for planning a holiday in Australia.

Refugees and asylum seekers

Find out about government benefits and payments to support new arrivals in Australia

About Australia

Discover information about Australia including climate, culture, holidays and events

Working in Australia

This site has information on how to apply for work visas, information on skilled occupations in Australia, licencing and registrations requirements and regional employment

Aussie driver

Do you want to get your Victorian driver's licence? Access free Learners Practice Tests and Victorian Driver's Handbooks here.

Tips to help you settle into life in Australia

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When you arrive in Australia, there are many things to do to help you settle quickly into your new home. 

Settlement Information In Your Language