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Copyright: Need Free Images & Illustrations?

This work is a derivative of Hinterground Tapete, Background Wallpaper, by Kai Stachowiak, licenced under (CC0 1.0).

Moral Rights Laws 'Attribution is a MUST'

In Australia you must always attribute creative commons material.

Many of the free creative commons images on the internet are from international website. They often say 'no need to attribute or acknowledge', which would be true if you were in a different country. The copyright rules in Australia are different and you must always attribute creative commons or public domain material, even if the original owner says you don't need to.

The only exemption is if the user has specifically purchased royalty free images.

Free photos and images


Pixabay logo

Free images and videos.

Unsplash Logo

A collection of free photographs.

Freepik logo

Selection vectors, free photos, free icons.

Free Images logo

An alternative for expensive stock photography. 

Pexels logo

Pictures free for personal and commercial use.

Public domain pictures logo

Freely available public domain pictures.

Wikimedia Commons Logo

Large collection of free images and media.

rawpixel logo

Download 10 free images a day.


Free clip art, icons & vectors


Flat icon logo

The largest database of free icons.

findicons loco

A search engine to help you find free icons.

wp clipart logo

Free artwork, great for use in school research or reports. logo

Free vectors and illustrations to download.

Free clip art you can use for anything you like.

Public domain vectors logo

60,000 vector images in public domain.

Images from Google



How to find Creative Commons images using Google


You can narrow down your Google image search results to only include images are that are free to use under creative commons.

From the results screen select Tools > Usage Rights > Labeled for Reuse.

Google image results screenshot


You will still need to attribute all images you use.

Images from Flickr

flickr logo


Anyone can upload images to flickr, but the photographer always reserves the right to decide what can be done with their picture.

Not all images on flickr have a creative commons licence. 


How to find Creative Commons images on Flickr


To search flickr, enter a keyword in the search box. 

screenshot of flickr search bar


In the results screen click on 'Any License' >  select the relevant Creative Commons license for you. (For educational use, click 'All Creative Commons').

screenshot of flicker usage licences 


The results will then be limited to images that have a creative commons licence. 

Don't forget to attribute all images you use.