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Zotero: Viewing and Organising

Collection and Tags



Items in Zotero libraries can be organized with collections and tags.


Your Zotero screen

Items are displayed in Zotero as follows:

1. Your library is displayed in the left column. Beneath it are tags which are useful for labelling and searching.

2. The elements title is displayed in the middle column.

3. Metadata (from the download) is saved in the right hand column.


Collection and Tags

  • Click on the 'New Collection' button on the upper left side of the Zotero pane to create a new folder. You can drag & drop your resources into the approriate folder. This helps organise your sources for differenct projects or subjects etc.



  • You can also create a new collection by right clicking on your 'My Library' folder.



  • You can also create subcollections by right clicking on a collection name.



With Zotero you can add descriptive keywords, so-called tags, to items, files, links and notes. Together with collections, tags can help you organise your Zotero library.


You can add and delete tags on the right hand side of the Zotero screen. In the example shown below, Vintage Bordeaux had been assigned the label 'France'.