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FindIt: Using EBSCO log-in

Helpful information to get you started using the library's search tool, FindIt.


When you set up an EBSCO log-in it means that every item you save to a folder while you are reviewing results can be saved permanently, instead of for that single session of searching.  It also means that you can sort your files into folders and subfolders according to the subject or assignment you are undertaking.  

1. Make sure you are logged in with your student number and library password

2. When you have done a search, you will be able to access the My Ebsco Sign In

Set up your EBSCO account by going to Create a New account, and follow the prompts. 

Note: You will need to log in with your student number password and EBSCO sign-in each time to access your stored results and save new items permanently. 

Managing content with EBSCO Login

Now when you select the folder you will be given access to all your saved results.  You can now create folders to organise your content.  Go to 'Folder'.

Your saved results will be listed on the centre of the page.


Creating and using folders

To create a new folder, head to the bottom right hand panel, and select the new folder icon. 

You will then be prompted to label your folder, and provide a description, though this is optional. 

Label your folder, and press Save.

Adding items to folders

You can create as many folders as you like (and subfolders), and label them according to subject, types of resources, assignments, or anything else.

To move items into your folder, you will be prompted when you save the item, or at a later date, you can choose to move or copy files.