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Australian Standards Online: How to Download and Print

Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

Where to save

You can save Australian Standards on a computer or phone.

You won't be able to save it on:

  • Shared drive
  • USB drive
  • Cloud drive
  • Other shared locations

Before opening for the first time

Australian Standards are locked to the device on which they are first opened.

After opening, you will be unable to open the file on another device.

The digital copy is permanent and will not expire.

Downloading instructions

SAI Global has provided step-by-step downloading instructions for PC, Mac, iPhone and Android users.

Printing in the library

A4 black and white — 8 cents per side

A4 colour — 15 cents per side


If you are printing in the library, you will need to add money to your student card.

You will also need to print from a campus computer, not your own device.


Print shops

Print shops like Officeworks will be unable to print Australian Standards due to DRM (Digital Rights Management).

However, they offer binding services if you bring your printed documents.