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Assessment Tasks: About This Guide

This guide provides learners with tips for tackling a variety of assessment tasks; and showcases carefully selected, high-quality library resources that may be drawn upon for assignment help

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About this guide ...


Assignment Submission Requirements

  • Your school may require that your assignments meet specific formatting and submission criteria
  • Formatting and submission criteria can vary greatly, and depend on the assignment type; on the preferences of individual lecturers; and on the requirements set by the school
  • School-specific details about assignment formatting and layout are beyond the scope of this guide, and are not included here
  • However, it's vital that you are aware of the various criteria before preparing or submitting your assignment
  • Check under your course code in Moodle for assignment formatting, layout and submission requirements
  • Alternatively, check your Subject Outline, or refer to the subject's lecturer for details of the assignment submission criteria

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